Interview 1 with Bryan J. Oubre - February 2, 2000

A Conversation with Oubre
by Grease

“My name is Oubre and I want some boob!” Those were the famous words of Oubre as he leaned out of our hotel door the night before we won the Louisiana State Cross Country Championship in 1993. Craig and I lay in bed as the no-longer-innocent-freshman, Oubre, hollered at some young ladies in the hotel courtyard. I turned to Craig and smiled, knowing he would be a champion.

For the first ever ECCP interview, I present to you, with great pride and respect, long time friend, teammate, and fellow Melting Man, Bryan Jude Oubre. He is a graduate of that legendary high school in New Orleans – Brother Martin. Oubre is now a junior at Texas A&M. No more introduction necessary for anyone associated with the TAMU cross country/track program. His impact on the program is immense.

High School PRs
1600 – 4:25
3200 –10:06 (pretty shabby)

College PRs
Mile – 4:16 (2000)
3,000 – 8:36 (2000)
Steeple – 9:46 (1999…just wait)
5,000 – 15:41 (1999…just wait)

Here’s what Oubre (O) told the ECCP (E)….

E: Oubre, you are on fire right now. You let loose two bombs already this indoor season – 8:36 and 4:16…how are you feeling about that?
O: Right now, workouts are good. I’m running close to Scott…I have the power of the Melting Man behind me. We have this weekend off, so we’ll get an extra week of work.

E: But, how about those times?
O: I’m pretty excited with the way things went. I felt like I ran strong but within myself, like there is more to come. My big goal is to score at conference.

E: How was your training over the Christmas break?
O: Holidays weren’t as good as last year cause I missed two days (last year he missed none). I ran about 60 – 70, whereas last year I was hitting about 80-85, all singling.

E: Was there any defining moment in your training over the break?
O: There was a special moment out in Desoto National Forest, where the honor of the Incredible Melting man was bestowed upon me. Now I’m living out the stigmata that’s been placed upon me.

E: Oubre, tell us something about the influence the original Melting Man (Richard Begin or stiltz) has had on you.
O: I didn’t know him too much in high school. As I have grown wiser, I’ve learned many great things about him…he’s very smooth with the ladies, and if you keep hammering on a Sunday run you can drop him. Also, there’s a little Wild Turkey in all of the Melting Men.

E: What has been the greatest race of your career?
O: That mile I had the other day was one of them, but sophomore year in high school was my best race ever. It was the only time I was ever in front of big daddy Robbie LeBlanc (legendary Cajun who attended Catholic High, where Jerry Snyder studied). I was 3rd in 15.30 at the rolling hills of Catholic High…Then there was the blazing time trial when I first got to A&M when I outkicked my roommate Chuck…I first realized my kicking power in 1996 when I outkicked Randy Hanning (also a former Brother Martin Crusader and founder of the “hats and flats” run – we’ll have to tell you guys about that one) at the district mile. I used him till the last 200 - he got real mad but I learned that it worked to use people.

E: How is living in the Track Shack?
O: Living in the Track Shack used to be great…it used to be 75% harriers, which was some good motivation. But, we lost a member – Chuck. We drink a lot of beer, watch some good t.v…we like to have every one come over, watch tapes, and have fun. We have motivational stuff on the walls. I think the Track Shack helps team unity, especially when people come over and take showers with the door open. And it’s cheap.

E: Oubre, you are one fine student-athlete. How do you do it?
O: To tell you truth, the better I run…the worse my grades get. Freshman year was easy – all review. When they give me homework, I get it done. When it’s time for a test, I do a little studying. But, the key to running good and doing well in school is…don’t bring the books on trips. They weigh you down and distract you from what is the most important thing.

E: You have had much success under the young upstart Dave Hartman. What do you think about him?
O: What can I say…he’s the best damn coach around. One of the things he’s got going is that he’s out working with the Farm Team…I’ve got to stay on top of my game just to stay ahead of him (laughs mischievously).

(He puts me on hold… it was “one of my ladies, Chandra. She likes all of us” (at the Track Shack, I assume).

E: How about the Aggie women?
O: Women are probably our best recruiting tool because they are all beautiful babies. Having the women on trips helps out for distraction, at least for a good time on the bus ride home. They wear too much clothes on the runs.

E: Say something about the young men at A&M.
O: The freshman have great potential to get us to nationals in cross…these guys are tough. Following in the footsteps of Scooter and Stephen, they’ll be fine competitors.

E: Oubre, in high school you inadvertently egged a cop and got busted for it. In college, you got an MIP in Denton, you were cuffed for breaking and entering at the Big 12 Championship, you were stopped by a cop for stealing a hurdle at the track (the cop then called T. Nelson in the middle of the night), you snapped a farmers’ fences, and you were left at the Dairy Queen in Bloomington for sneaking out of the van. Those are only the things you’ve been nailed for. Surely, there have been many other acts of misconduct. Yet, it is obvious to everyone that you are Coach Ted Nelson’s favorite. Why? I would characterize you as the “Bad Boy of Aggieland”…what about all this?
O: First of all, Coach Nelson was a little naughty in his day as well. You know, he was a good old boy. He used to stick snakes in people’s beds. He told me. But, doing those bad things has taught me a lot. Those were troubled times…I had to be the cool guy. I was influenced by some elders to go to bars…now I’m mature and make decisions on my own. I know that I am representing my school.

E: You put Laplace, LA on the map. Tell us about your hometown.
O: Laplace is a haven for great runners…there’s a kid from my neighborhood trying to follow in my footsteps. There’s good food, hanging out on the levees, working with BooGon…My trailblazing routes also began with bike trails in Laplace.

E: Speaking of trail, tell us about Oubre Trailblazing, Inc.
O: It’s a small company out of College Station…we mostly work during the summers, we’re too focused during the year. We have 5 minutes of running now. We’ll be out there this summer…our goal is to make 2 miles by the end of this summer and, eventually, have the aggie home meet on those trails.

E: Any comments about the ECCP, where you are a staff member?
O: Most websites are the same old thing over and over. I’d like to have new things at least once a week…something exciting and fresh to look at. I’d also like to expand horizons of the site – in other words, attract a more diverse group of visitors.

E: What do you have to say about your repeated acts of porn posting on the ECCP?
O: I have made a few mistakes, but staff members have trusted that I will not do any more damage.

E: Where will you be in 10 years?
O: I’ll be an engineer somewhere…maybe have my own firm. Maybe I’ll have already run a 2:30 in the marathon, or at least as fast as Mr. Richard. I hope to be married and have some kids who run to school and back.

E: Oubre, your body is a specimen.
O: Well, whenever a Dairy Queen check comes in the mail from mammaw and papaw, I make sure I spend it. Also, on hard workout days, no chocolate milk.

E: A Dairy Queen Check?
O: Yeah, mammaw and papaw send me a check for $20 every now and then. It says “for Dairy Queen.”

E: What do you eat?
O: For lunch, a banana and a piece of cake. Also, I like raspberry ice.

E: Oubre, as I said, you are a specimen. Compare yourself to some animal or machine.
O: I do what I can…I feel like a finely tuned…ah…Rolls Royce engine in airplanes.

E: Say something about the Old Boys of Aggieland.
O: The old guys, Christian and James, brought “miles make champions” down to me. I am one of the few road warriors, like them, who goes the extra mile on Sunday. Then, Todd, who gave me the title “course master.” I’ve developed into a trusted leader on our runs, and I don’t take shit from no one. Fox and Monty together have broadened my horizons on drinking and having fun. Monty has made it much easier for me to have fun since I can take on his identity at the local establishments.

E: What are your ultimate goals at A&M?
O: To make it back to nationals and finish top 100, at least. In track…get in there and score in the 3k, run 9-teens in the steeple and score there too.

E: Do you have anything to add, Oubre?
O: The reasn I ended up at this great school is Melting Man II. His wisdom and leadership inspired me. And, I will become a true “gentlememan aggie” (as Scooter says) on April 6th when I get my ring.

E: Any final words of wisdom?
O: To be an all-American you have to train with one.

Editor’s note: Oubre has 2 track and 2 cross seasons left.

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