An Interview with Andrew Wade Cook
by Oubre and Bad Andy
October 21, 2002

Well it's been nearly two years since he became the BADNESS, and boy has he shown us what the Badness can do. The little guy from Marcus has pounded out the miles, and shown us how tough he really is. He has amassed 800 miles in 8 weeks, and I'm sure everyone is wondering what inspires this kid. Where did he start, why so young? He reminds me of (Grease) with his hard work, yet he doesn't study nearly as much. He has fun, he likes good tv shows, he tries to lead the team as coursemaster, he has a fast ass girlfriend. Are these the things that make him good? Or is it, something else. Please take a glimpse of what Bad Andy had to offer the ECCP.

He has progressed greatly from the little freshman who would come sprinting by on the last interval of 3x2 mile workouts.
This year he has already run some quality races and I'm sure there is more to come:

Pre Nats____24.49

Some history:
Conference 2001 at OU: 25.07
Conference 2000 at CU: 26.12

The following is a peek into the hard working Texas A&M Cross Country Captain, Bad Andy.
Please list all of your prís:800, mile, 3k, 5k, 10k


2:07 (Houston Invite 00);4:04 (Houston Invite 00);8:34 (Iowa State 01); 14:38 (Iowa State 02); 30:28 (Stanford 02)


When did you first start running?What was your first race, time and place? What were your times in high school?


I started running when I was seven years old.My Dad enjoyed putting me in ten sports a year so we tried summer track.My first race was the hundred meter dash and I think I got second to last maybe last.At first I didnít think this running stuff was for me.Then my Dad entered me in the 800 for the first time and I got second place.


In high school my claim to fame was running 9:50 in the two mile as a freshmen.I did not improve that much afterwards and ran 9:34 and 4:23 as a senior.


How is school going?Easy classes ?Whatís your schedule like?


School is going pretty good so far.Iím a little worried about ZOOL 319, but Benís in my class so maybe he will help me out (hint hint).


What did you do to train for this upcoming season?


Over the summer I just tried to build up my mileage slowly.By July I was running around 90 to 100 miles a week in singles. Some people thought I did too much over the summer, but I wanted to take a chance.I want to be more then a mediocre runner.


How was working on the trails, who did the work, who got people to go out, is Oubre a good boss or lame because he didnít go work the one time he was in town?


Working on the trails was a lot of fun this summer.Sovinsky was the main guy who got people to come out to the trails.Besides playing Mario Golf thatís all he did all summer.And I donít blame Oubre for not coming to work on the trails.Heís graduated and itís up to the current Aggies to do the work now.


Being the coursemaster, do you know all the routes yet?Do you pick the routes and let someone else show the way?What is your favorite run?


Coursemaster is a new thing for me.Most the time I just talk to Sovinsky and Dagnolo and we decide were to go.My favorite run would have to be Rosemary.I donít know why I just like it.


Has badminton taken over disc golf as the teamís hobby sport?Are is the team too dysfunctional and doesnít hang out to have a defined hobby?What is your favorite disc and course?


I believe badminton has become more popular, but disc golf is still the teams sport.We have not been playing much lately because of all the running stuff.


My favorite course would have to be L.L. Woods in Lewisville and my favorite disc is the ZXL.


Are you pumped about the new season of curb your enthusiasm on hbo?


Yes Iím sure Larry David will find a way to get in more trouble with his wife and little girls with look alike dolls.


What has been your best workout of this short season?


Probably the continuous run at Dogwood.I just felt relaxed and was able to get into a good rhythm going up those hills.I think it helps when youíre a wimp and you donít have to carry as much weight up those hills.


What person on the team do you feel pushes you the most to run hard during workouts?

Or is it just yourself?


Lately Sovinsky has pushed me the hardest.Heís an animal when it comes to those interval type workouts.Heís a good friend and we have been running against each other for a long time now.He pushes me and I try and push him.


What has been your career best workout?


During the track season I was able to do 5X mile in 4:40 with a lap jog.


Will you ever graduate and if so, what do you plan on doing after?


Hopefully when I graduate Iíll be able to find a school were I can teach History and coach Cross Country and Track.I would also like to try and run a serious marathon sometime.By the way my team is going to kill JPDís and Menzeís.


How are things going living with wes and weidig?I hear youíre not there much at night so you might not know?


Things have been going well with Wes and Weidig.Nothing big has happened since Weidig beat Wes in foosball and they started yelling at each other.If you want to get Wes mad beat him in something and then never play him again.



Whatís been your favorite cross country course?


My favorite course is Van Cortland Park in New York.Itís got some good challenging hills and some flat parts were you can open up.I also have a good memory of a guy who passed me with a hundred meters left to go and then he stopped to puke and then I passed him.


Whatís your top three places to eat in the BCS area?


Cheddars, Free Birds, and that smoothie place in the mall



Is Lance Armstrong a role model for you, in terms of hard work and dedication?


Yes Lance is definitely a role model for me.Any guy who can come back from death and win the Tour De France four times has got to be tough.


What do you do before a race that is unique from others on the team?


Most the time before a race I just try and relax and tell my self to have fun.Iím not the type of guy who gets all hyped up.When I get all hyped up I donít concentrate on running intelligently as much.


Are you and Melissa engaged?


Ask me again in three or four years.


Does Gulli give you advice on how to run fast or do yall just talk about other stuff?


Actually Melissa never really gives me much advice about running.She just leads by example and shows me what it takes to be the best.I think some people on the team (mainly the ladies) donít exactly understand why she works so hard.For example over the summer some people would say to Melissa ďtake it easyĒ or ďwhy are you running so farĒ.Melissa even had someone come up to coach and tell him ďI think Melissa is running to far.Ē†† I donít think some people understand that you canít be an All American by doing what everyone else is doing.Being talented helps, but you also have to work very hard.Sorry for ranting


How do you manage to stay out of trouble?Do you think you can be team captain next year?Oubre and Bonn both got banned from being captain in their 5th years.


Well I hope I can continue to be captain next year.I think the most important thing in staying out of trouble is showing up on time for meetings, practice, buses, planes, etc. The only time I have gotten in trouble was when Beasley, NOT, and I climbed the mountain in Colorado and we were late getting to the bus.Then Coach yelled at us and NOT kept making smart ass remarks.NOTís a character


Are you looking forward to getting your aggie ring?What does being an aggie mean to you or do you just think itís a bunch of hooplah?


I think some things like the yells at football games are a bunch of hooplah.Itís fun to yell for a quarter, but after that I just get tired of it.I think the aggie ring is very important because it shows the hard work that we have accomplished at this university.My first semester here I thought my chances of graduating were slim (1.8 GPA), so Iíll be very happy when I get my aggie ring.


What do you think about Coach Hartman?Does he train you the way you like it?


I like the way Coach trains us because his program is geared more towards meeting individual needs.For example on Monday and Wednesdays we are allowed to run as far or as fast as our bodies want to take us.He understands that every person on this team is different and that not everyone needs to train the same.Some people are high mileage and some people are low mileage.


Whatís your favorite bar in town?Favorite beer?Mixed drink ?Fruit ?


My favorite bar in town is the Fox and the Hound because of the two-dollar pints. My favorite beer is Guinness without a doubt.Mixed drink uh I donít know.My favorite fruits are strawberry and bananas.


What are your goals for the 2002 cross country season?


My main goal this year is for our team to make it to nationals.Iím really getting tired of feeling disappointed after regionals.I feel like I let our team down last year at regionals and I am looking forward to making it up this year.


Individually I would like to place in the top fifteen at conference and in the top fifteen or twenty at regionals.And for Wes I would like to beat Ben Dawson.


What do you think about the weight program that the team participates in?


Iím not exactly a big fan of lifting weights.Most the time I get in there and do arm swings, dips, and seated rows.If thereís anything to do with legs I just skip over it.I have always been a wimp and I have no aspirations of changing that.Iím really happy that Jason is not around anymore.


If you could go anywhere for a weekís vacation where would you go?


Most definitely Disney World.When I have kids weíre going there every summer.


Is there anything else you would like to add?


I would like to say thanks to my Dad who got me started in this sport.When I was little I would go running and my Dad would always be by my side riding his bike.When I would run in road races he would be there at the finish line waiting for me with water or Gatorade.Even now he still travels hundreds of miles to see me run for twenty or thirty minutes.Heís a good guy and heís always been supportive of my running.


What are your words of wisdom for future aggie runners?


Probably to enjoy the time that you have here at A&M, but make sure you take running seriously.Donít half ass it.And most importantly when in doubt increase your mileage.


Andrew Cook has 2 indoors, 2 outdoors, and 1 cross left after this season.


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